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Whether you're handling a single shipment or processing hundreds daily, we've got the perfect shipping solution for you. From international express to freight and E-commerce, we leverage our global scale and cutting-edge software to ensure your shipments reach their destinations efficiently. It's what we do best.

Reliability is paramount, both for your business and your customers, especially when managing high volumes, diverse goods, and global deliveries. That's why we've invested millions in WebShip+, our proprietary software platform. With WebShip+, you have access to the ideal shipping solution for all your needs, every time.

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Recognizing the significance of choice, we collaborate with numerous carriers worldwide, ensuring you find one that aligns with your distinct needs. Whether it's international parcels, freight, or E-commerce support, we handle all the coordination, so you can focus on other priorities.

DHL International Express

For fourteen consecutive years, InXpress has proudly held the title of the number one reseller of DHL products in the US, while also ranking as the fifth largest DHL customer in America. This track record ensures our customers access to the best rates and service within the international small parcel industry.

DHL, with its annual revenue surpassing $57 billion, stands as the world's largest small parcel carrier. Leveraging a fleet of over 250 aircraft, DHL guarantees the reliable and timely delivery of urgent documents and goods to over 120,000 destinations across more than 220 countries and territories.

Through our online system, customers enjoy the convenience of processing and scheduling international shipments at their fingertips, anytime, and from anywhere.

Domestic and International Shipping with UPS

UPS boasts an expansive domestic ground and air network capable of swiftly transporting your shipments across the United States. With over a century of expertise and a fleet exceeding 125,000 delivery vehicles, their primary focus is ensuring the secure and timely delivery of your shipments to their destinations.


Aside from express parcel shipments, InXpress specializes in LTL, FTL, heavy airfreight, and ocean shipments. Whether you have freight or parcels, we're committed to ensuring they reach their destination efficiently. With our user-friendly online Transportation Management Systems (TMS), you gain access to shipping options from over 50 carriers. Whether you prioritize speed, affordability, special handling, or any other requirement, InXpress has the perfect shipping solution for every shipment.


Is your E-commerce business reaching global markets effectively? Are you tapping into lucrative international markets? As the largest worldwide reseller of DHL Express services for international parcels, InXpress can facilitate the expansion of your cross-border sales. With our competitive rates and advanced technology, we help bridge the gap between you and customers worldwide who desire your products.

If you're seeking assistance in growing your business in new cross-border markets, visit our E-commerce Integration website and seamlessly add DHL to your shopping cart.

Additional Service Partners

We partner with a number of experts in the shipping industry to save you even more money, time, and hassle.
71lbs - audits FedEx and UPS shipments for on time delivery and refunds
Marsh Insurance - global cargo and freight insurance
Shipware - provides audit and contract negotiation services for large users of FedEx and UPS

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